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Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 highlights featuring SuperSaf, Michael Fisher, iJustine, The TechChap and BooredAtWork. Sponsored by Qualcomm.
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  1. Gen1 was unfinished and had performance issues(what i mean by that it got VERY hot under heavy usage and that led to throttling issues for most phones).The question is NOT "30 percent performance increase" but whats with the heating issues.With gen1 they couldnt solve the problem so they used customers as testers.. i hope they learned a lot from gen1 because stability is key 🔥 If your phone can break records but gets very hot and starts throttling things then its no use.

  2. So now 99% of the people using this can scroll through social media with even more "power"? Unless you play mobile games or perform fluid dynamics calculations, the majority of customers will never benefit from a faster processor. On the other hand, ALL customers will benefit from better efficiency and longer battery life. The "faster processor" race has gone far enough. We need a "most efficient" race now.

  3. Still – it can only lick feet Apple A series chip.
    Apple even got lazy because Snapdragon serves junk so bad Apple released current iPhone 14 with 1 year OLD chip which Snapdragon Still cannot catch it

  4. I'm very excited for the S23 Ultra, knowing damn well it'll be using this amazing SoC. Battery life & efficiency should be top notch like we haven't seen in a long time from an Android phone.

  5. Lmaoooo they are adding all the features apple has lmaoooo im deadddd spatial head tracking audio hopefully they can optimize the chip because of not it will not stand a chance with apple chips and brutal optimization that apple brings

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