Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S1 Ultra 5G Detailed Camera Comparison #SuperSafStyle
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Comparing 4K/8K,, primary, ultrawide, zoom and selfie cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs OnePlus 9 Pro for video and photos with sample shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Primary Camera
3:05 Ultra-wide & Macro
4:02 Zoom
7:25 Portraits
9:25 Selfies
12:29 4K Video
13:10 8K Video
13:51 Slow Motion
14:45 Selfie Video
15:15 Auto focus and Audio
15:58 Conclusion

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  1. You are 100% paid by samsung. Most of your comparision is so fake. I have tried both samsung and xiaomi they are not what you showed

  2. Xiaomi is a trash company. All there positiv camera reviews are bought. How often did it happen that dxo mark praised xiaomi phones but when the phone was available the camera performance proved to be inconsistent and generally performing bad.

  3. IF AND ONLY IF I ever have the money to buy any of them I would get s21 ultra just for the micro camera , it's so fun , makes me feel like a scientist , we are not professional photographers , and if we are we have actual separate cameras for that so if somebody is using camera for fun s21 ultra have a lot of stuff in it to play with .

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