Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review – Bye Bye Samsung?

Full review of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, and comparison vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – including camera, battery, screen, specs, price and more. We filmed for 3 full days in 35°C direct sun for this vid, so if you enjoyed do Subscribe! 😂

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  1. Wow! Xiaomi and mr.whoosetheboss started doing money speaking like who cleans a big circle Wich takes 6 seconds while people just do one wipe and do it normaly

  2. Honestly I don't understand why people care so much about software updates. I've never once updated a device and gone "wow these changes are great". You know what I do notice when I update? More bugs that haven't yet been ironed out, or changes that I actually don't like.
    I couldn't care less if I bought a new phone and it didn't receive a single update

  3. I'm using the Smartphone that maybe not fastest one, but fast enough in 2022, but unfortunately my doesn't support for longer period time of software update, I feel like it's fast enough but not up to date,
    That what I miss so much from my galaxy, smsung is really fast about software update, if there is some software update or fixing some bugs

  4. Nah that huge camera circle looks hideous. The S22 looks like a flagship while the Xiaomi looks like a cheap wana be flagship. The phone seems cool but the designe is a huge let down imo

  5. I think most people are used to Samsung and a bit afraid of trying miui. But to be honest I moved and found that miui and actually any Chinese UI is very optimized. Some small issues here and there but overall way more fun.

  6. No s pen thank you
    Cheap brand with a 1 sensor does not make it better. Not everyone takes photos Or how many actually look at them post online then what do you spend hours looking at them nope 🙃

  7. I can imagine a big, intrusive and expensive to repair crack across that single big bulge.

    For me I'm looking forward to the next flip to be honest. Currently running a very disappointing Pixel 6 Pro. 🙁

  8. I feel like the amount of zoom you can get on a Samsung S22 Ultra is much higher and a better quality than the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (My opinion).

  9. Another almost phone. I have the Xiamoi 11T Pro which has some great features such as 120W fast charging in 17m and brilliant battery life. It also comes with a superb compact adaptor that can charge my MacBook Pro. The issue is the software updates here as you can see so many things like the fingerprint scanner and colour science on the this new flagship model need more optimisation. Wonderful hardware that falls just short. The S22 Ultra deserves points for its stylus capabilities which aren’t a gimmick.

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