Xiaomi 11T Pro INSANE Charge Speed…

Unboxing the new Xiaomi 11T Pro and checking out the 120W fast charging. Sponsored by Xiaomi.

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  1. I'm honestly concerned about ridiculous charging speed these days. Putting full 120W of power across that thin cables requires some quite high voltage for a phone.
    Assuming that thick cable can handle, say 5 Amps, it needs 24V. Boi thats a huge voltage. Well that is if the current is truly 5 Amps which isnt likely given that cable size. I'd say about 4 Amps max

  2. Xiaomi: 120 W Turbo Charge 0-100 in 17 min🔥

    Apple: We have MUG CHAFE Charging, First you connect it to an adapter then you remove the accessories from the back of your phone then place it to the back and charge in 5W while wasting lots of energy on the side😂😂😂

  3. If a 50 wat charger can fully charge a 4000mah battery under 27-29 mins (Realme X2 pro),
    shouldnt it be significantly faster a 120wat charger (under 10-15min) to charge a 5000mah battery ???

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  5. absolutely love your content, Lew – been watching for about 7 or 8 years – but for the love of all things good & holy, PLEASE STOP YELLING & SHOUTING REPEATEDLY in your videos.

    Thank ya kindly 😊

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