Wireless 8K Video Streaming with TP-Link AX55

Please see below for contest details: (open to US and CA)
Sponsored by TP-Link
Interested in winning an Archer AX55, AX3000 Dual-Band WiFi 6 Router?
10 lucky winners will be selected!
Enter to win at
Giveaway ends 1/28/21

Link to the Archer AX55 on Amazon:

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  1. Hi guys i am daniel from Ethiopia and i want someone to help me… my mother is very sick now the doctors told me that "if she doesn't get surgery she will die" and i don't want my mother die because of money. we want atleast 1600$ plz save my mom guys plz don't ignore me…

  2. So, TP-Link gave Lew money to say nice things about their product. Lew in turn took that money, put it in his pocket, and delivered a video saying nice things about the product. He then hides the sponsorship information in the description, where he knows most viewers won't see it. And, as you can tell from the comments section, it works like a dream; most people have no idea this is a bought-and-paid-for opinion. It's so unspeakably sleazy, unethical and disgraceful.

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