Who has the WORST Customer Service?

Samsung vs OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, OPPO, Vivo, Apple. Let’s see which tech company has the best and worst Customer Support!
To see one of the worst Tech Scams in existence:
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Disclaimer: All the faces of people used in this video to represent employees are purely stock footage and picked randomly based on apparent gender.

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  1. Bro that Vivo girl did want to help you. But you called from an iPhone and these people can know which device you are calling from, so when you said you are calling from a Vivo device, it made her suspicious. This is not her fault

  2. I understand this is a troll video but to me, it would seem like you would have picked something that would be more common to call about. The battery not being charge just isn't something a person will call tech support on. I would guess most of their scripts that they have to follow don't even have a path for the battery not being charged. I guess what I am saying is I wish it was an issue someone most likely would have not a troll issue. I have had no problems with Samsung support so I guess that is why I feel that way. I am also tech savvy so usually my problems get escalated and maybe that's why.

  3. hey MRWHOSETHEBOSS I am inclined to tell you that you are speaking to people and people are different with different intelligences levels and they deal with problems differently so should you really judge entire companies based on one person?

  4. Weird I’ve contacted Apple support countless times, even done it just before midnight and I’ve never had any problems. I even did their survey because the assistant was very friendly and helpful. Worth the premium going with Apple IMO

  5. 2;17 that's my uncle who ur on the phone with😱 and the background noise is the construction and me and my cosin messaging him nonstop no joke (he had to call our dads to tell them to make us stop yes we got in trouble and next day revenge was to block him 4 one year and he is still blocked)😅😂😬

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  7. Who has the worse service?
    Dell: would you like warranty for dell technician to come to your house or the financing or our mcafee antivirus

  8. There should be like a 4 question minimum before the technician even starts spouting a bunch of instructions and trying random procedures. Like the amount of times my experience was horrible with customer service is when they try to rush through a bunch of boot-ups instead of just asking more specifically how the issue occurred and go from there.

  9. I think the number you rang for samsung may have been wrong as they've got direct numbers for every department e.g. sale, promotion team, technical support etc. Technical supports direct number is open till either 8pm or 10pm everyday (can't remember at the top of my head) Also each assistant is very different.

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