When Smartphones Copy Each Other!

It’s okay to copy… as long as you copy the good stuff. Then we all win.


A ZTE Axon 30 Ultra review:

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Smartphone Provided by ZTE for video.




  1. iPhone wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t copy from previous iterations. Now every manufacturer copies the iPhone. Just like that the damn notch.

  2. According to My (by Year) ↓-ꈍᴗꈍ-↓

    2019: 64 GB (Edge of Okay) 😐

    2020: 128 GB (Would be Appreciated) 🙂

    2021: 265 GB (Need of the Year + Future proofed 2 yrs) 😀

    2022: 256 GB works, 512 GB is preferred…😃

    2023: Ideal 512 GB😁
    ↑ If you can't afford take 256 GB😅
    ↑ If you can afford take 1 TB😎
    2033: 6-8 TB😯
    2044: 12-16 TB😧

    2055: 24-32 TB🧐
    2099: 128 TB🤯

    When we look back and tell the 🌱 younger generations –

    Once, upon a time there were phones with not just 512 GB storage, but 512MB as well…

    Younger Generation: Ahh they must be Black and White ones…

  3. What’s crazy is that even though it’s made in a sweat shop in a first world country (China is a first world country lmao) and it’s still ducking expensive. Just as expensive as a laptop

  4. You know why regular users never mind the accidental touch you care so much about? Every single one of us uses a phone case. The touch you talk about in every video is non existent for us. Because we want to protect the phone and keep it for at least 2 years.

  5. Samsung has followed all the wrong elements of iphones and are worse for them. no replaceable battery thus made obsolete soon after 2 years, no headphone jack, extortionate pricing. The ZTE isn't worth it either though for its shortcomings. no wireless charging??? i have had a note since the note 2 until i went for the s20 ultra and am disappointed. The camera has slowly got better but all those moments have passed now and the picture quality was crappy then, not now. tired of being ripped off.

  6. The thing that gives me anxiety is my parents have iPhone 12 Pro Max’s, and they don’t have a password nor Face ID on it, the reason why is if one of them are sick or something, they can just quickly open the phone without doing the password or anything. While my phone, iPhone XS Max has a password with Face ID

  7. the cameras are freaking trash, not worth 750$ this ZTE trash is only worth around 500$ at most 😒 at least it looks good but that only cause they bit the crap outta samsung 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤔 but i wonder if a Gcam port can help the camera quality on it tho

  8. Used a note 20 ultra didn't notice a different other than the refresh rate once disabled can't make a difference between oneplus 6 and note 20
    Moral of the story buy a Samsung A series 71 or 51/72 or 52 use it for 2yrs sell that repeat

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