What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

Reviewing every Google phone ever made!

0:00 What is a Google Phone?
1:06 The G1/Dream
3:30 Nexus One
5:35 Nexus S
7:00 Galaxy Nexus
8:40 Nexus 4
9:51 Nexus 5
12:00 Nexus 6
14:33 Nexus 5X
15:03 Nexus 6P
16:04 Google Pixel
18:16 Pixel 2
20:09 Pixel 3
21:30 Pixel 3a
22:44 Pixel 4
24:14 Pixel 4a
26:00 Pixel 5
27:24 Pixel 5A
28:03 Pixel 6
30:33 What is a Google Phone?!

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  1. I was born on December 4 but the number 4 really is an unlucky number in China, Japan, and South Korea. So I would skip the Fold 4 or Flip 4. The Galaxy S4 did sell the most but the Note 4 did have eMMC failures.

  2. Lucky numbers in South Korea? 8, 9, and 3. Well, I do own a Flip 3 and might get the Fold 3 when prices go down since I really don't need an S-Pen slot since I never used an S-Pen when I owned the Note 3. The S8 and S9 were great.

  3. The Nexus 5 was the best phone I have ever owned. Give me one of those today with a modern battery and type C and I'd be very happy. I ran mine from 2014 right up to 2017. Wireless charging back in 2014 was such a revelation, and I can't quite believe I went back to using a cable on the OnePlus 3T for two years from '17-'19. I had the second gen Nexus 7 tablet at the same time, and that charges wirelessly too. In 2021 the battery is all but shot and it lives permanently on a QI pad by my bedside where it gets light use as an e-reader.

    I had the Pixel 4, just upgraded to the 6. Save the battery life, the 6 feels like a downgrade in some respects, going back to a fingerprint after that flawless face unlock feels like a step back, and I find myself missing the soli interaction when I'm listening to music at work with the phone on an upright charger. Can't fault the new camera on the 6 though.

  4. The number 3 is the best number in tech followed by the number 2. Although I didn't care for the PS3. In phones, number 3 is better. In video games and sometimes movies, number 2 is better. Many of my fav games were Part 2s.

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