Unboxing the ULTIMATE Folding Smartphone…

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 –

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  1. I want the Mix 2 with the hingles and software of the Samsung.
    I hope Samsung learns a thing or two from the Mix 2, that's why I'd be waiting for the Fold 5.
    I also feel the Mix 3 will be superb ( we just need an International version to crown it the King of foldables).

  2. I´m looking into foldables, and I´m still partial (fully aware of the issues) to the Surface Duo 2, but I really like the Mix Fold 2. And I know Giztop can set you up with Google services. And th ephone will work in the Netherlands, which is where it'll need to go if I ever decide to pull the trigger on the Mix Fold 2. 🙂

  3. I'll take the xiaomi mix 2 cuz the slimness and big front display is a must while the inside display for doing stuff that need more real estate like video editing, sound editing or documentation editing. Nevertheless any folding phone with fast charger, ip6x, wireless charging is a must cuz the price u pay.

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