This Was Ahead of its Time!

Top 3 Gadgets that were ahead of their time, and why they’ll reappear in our future 👀

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  1. The EV1 Was not sold, it Was rented. GM took the cars back and didn’t let people buy them back… they scrapped the car against users’ will. This is not the best example for what you are trying to explain, but I get you. 😉

  2. Google glass was a nightmare for me. Just imagine someone recording you without your knowledge. Heck it's terrifying right now with just phone, much less something that has no indicator. It think that's why it was ultimately canceled. At the time, majority of the people cared about privacy.

    Great vid! What I want to see right now is the first 2. Gosh, I want a phone and computer combo so bad. Imagine a phone that runs on linux, once it was connected to this shell it will turn on to a full on computer! I want that so bad.

  3. The GM EV1 didn't die because the world wasn't ready, it had massive interest. Watch the documentary who killed the electric car which explains why it was.

  4. In the end of the 90is there where many developent in wearable computing. Even xybernaut made for hitachi a special version that failed completly. Had a microdisplay in 2004-2005 it was preety cool but it was clear the software wasn't there at all. The interface human to computer was also lacking. Google glass fixed many missing elements but it was for the wrong market.

  5. In that sense, I would like to state that Samsung Notes have always been ahead of its time.

    It's really sad to see people being head over heels to buy an iPhone that has an ugly-looking notch, where Note phones have been providing us with a built-in f-ing STYLUS!!!!!! with a great screen-to-body ratio.
    Even tech review people like MKBHD have failed to appreciate the Note series for its STYLUS.

    on top of that, they provide SAMSUNG DEX!!!! You connect a monitor, with your phone and you basically have a desktop. DAMN if that's not the future, what is?!!!!!!

  6. I'm still waiting for a Nikon or Canon or Sony coming up with a camera who's back would be a screen and I'd be able to edit images on the fly if needed. A DSLR for modern times. Samsung and Apple also need to jump onto this bandwagon and rethink the DSLR from scratch. That's one area that is still wayyy behind when it comes to ease of use. And I do have a Z6 and a A7 2 from Sony.

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