This Phone charges in 9 Minutes – WHY?

Unboxing and Review of the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition – the Fastest Charging commercial phone in the world

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  1. You said that they could have reduced the battery time and included more battery life, etc.. but the arrangements and the feature like the main camera having 200mp and ultra wide having 8mp made them price it at a low price like that or else they couldn't have priced it at a very low price

  2. I've gone from a Mi11T pro to a iPhone 14pro max. I hate that I had to make this decision because I absolutely loved MIUI and just the whole phone in general, including the 120w charger that it came with. The batter has not let me down in the year I've had it. The only soul reason I went back to iPhone was simply down to how Instagram and Snapchat look on iPhone Vs android. The camera was good, but the way the camera was represented on aps, including pre-recorded content that was uploaded – was horrible. My descision doesn't make financial sense and the Xiaomi was an overall better phone for the money, but I'm also happy with the iPhone and the camera is amazing. Bitter sweet. Ps I'm typing this on the Xiaomi while my Xiaomi charges my iPhone Via USBC – because I haven't even found a charger yet for the iPhone. If Xiaomi could remove the potato-like integration of aps and it's camera, then I would still use the Xiaomi.

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