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Latercase for Pixel 5 –
Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a 5g are here for unboxing. Let’s see if they’re any good.


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  1. I went from my s21 ultra to this phone and I am very satisfied ….I know it sounds crazy but this phone is so helpful and convenient I love the pure android feel …!!!!!

  2. Has anyone met Lew's feetback about the Pixel 5? What was his general view about this phone? 5 months have gone…

    I even haven't seen any video from Lew that he has moved his Sim to another phone. Thx!

  3. In case your here on deciding on an upgrade from your old phone or a change to android I just wanna say I'm upgrading to a pixel 5 from a s9+ because Samsung actually gives your phone a malware to drain your phone faster once it gets too old

  4. You can put a 5000 mAh battery in Pixel 4a 5G, but they don't. Why you wanna ask ? Because then no one would be buying the Pixel 5.

  5. 6 months using my Just Sage Pixel 5 and I love it so much, have had no issues whatsoever! I have never been so happy with a phone before as I am with this Pixel5. I will be keeping this Pixel5 for the full 3 years.

  6. If you have $2000 you could legit buy and return every phone to do these reviews yourself. Just saying, no sponsors required.

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