There's a New Folding Smartphone in Town…

Thanks to Honor for providing us a hands on experience with the new Honor Magic Vs. Check out the new Honor Magic Vs here:
Also, check out their launch event here:
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  1. “It’s just more convenient to interact with the exterior display” Sums up exactly how I feel about folding phones. Not interested in the added step in folding the screen. Interior screen displays movies in 16:9 and is really no larger than a normal smartphone screen in landscape mode. I’ll pass

  2. I love that huge outer screen, I've been using the Samsung Z fold series the last two years and wish the outer screen is wider. Hopefully, for Z Fold 5, Samsung will make some design changes, and the outer screen will be as wide as some of these other folding phones from China.

  3. until they solve the huge crease in the middle I ain't buying no foldable. Happy to see them investing on this tho! Actually curious to see what the future models will bring us.

  4. Ill never switch back from a foldable. All these brands are great to see, i just wish their software was up to par with samsungs foldables. I absolutely love my zfold 3 on the sofware sides of things but wish the hardware was as nice as some of the other brands with bigger more standard sized outer displays. Fingers crossed for the zfold 5 🤞

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