The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup!

Rivian R1T is a quad motor adventurous electric compact pickup truck. I’ve run out of adjectives. But this truck is incredibly fun.

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  1. that gear tunnel looks so useful, especially for something like a bag of bowling balls, not having them slide around in the bed or In the back seat would be wonderful.

  2. “The most impressive electric truck I’ve ever seen”. Ok, what other electric trucks have you seen? I assume maybe a non-moving prototype of the F150? Hardly a competition.

  3. Okay so the big thing here is that the f150 and cyber truck will start at only $40,000. With incentives (in my state at least) that will put the price of those at $33,000+ whereas the Rivian will come in at $63,000 for me after incentives, its just literally double the price sadly.

  4. I’m investing in this but once the chaos clears and it steadies in prices. 80b valuation without ever selling even one. On top of the all the debt they have to pay back. Super interested in this company tho

  5. The truck bed is one foot short of the standard 4’x8’ for most construction materials (plywood, drywall, plexiglass sheets, etc). The target mkt is affluent joyriders.

  6. Maybe it's the old man in me, but I think the F-150 Lightning is more important. It's familiarity in design and Ford's dominance in the full size truck market, not to mention it has been the number one selling vehicle in the US and Canada speaks volumes. With that being said competition is great for the consumer.

  7. Why the heck is every stupid car manufacturer hell bent on building their own charging network? Are they all that arrogant or just stupid. Surely common sense says club together or make arrangements with others to provide the best, fastest charging network possible? Obviously not. I think that was well proven with your recent ‘road trip’… Just on that basis alone, so may people (myself included) would buy a Tesla. By the way, that Rivian looks very impressive.

  8. Rivian has checked almost all the boxes. This should be really fun and I hope Rivian does well in the market. Probably even better than Tesla!

  9. Range! Gear tunnel should be filled with an extra-optional battery pack. It's totally unnecessary to waste so much volume on a pickup truck that runs on batteries

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