The Only REAL “Pro” Smartphone?!

Sony Xperia Pro is the only phone that truly deserves the “Pro” name… which is why you don’t need it.

Why Don’t People Buy Sony Smartphones?

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Phone provided by Sony for review.




  1. Sony has THE best phones but you really sacrifice day to day features for the great compatibility with professional camera and their super res screens

  2. I don't care that it has 5G and can connect to a camera. Really. Why does this cost $2500??? All new phones have 5G and there's just a sime cable connection between the two. This probably didn't cost Sony even $1500

  3. Bruh you missed a whole group…
    I'll pay that
    I paid 1500 for the dumb ass note with a pen I have never once used… I'd pay that just to have the HDMI lol

  4. Sony straight up make the best enthusiast smartphones on the market. In my opinion OnePlus used to hold that crown, but they've really gone downhill over the last few years.

    Unfortunately Sony phones are more than likely to go the way of the dodo 🦤

    Will have to grab one while they're still available!

  5. This phone is meant for Sony mirrorless camera professional. Definitely not for charlatans. The features are for Professional that make money and not a Louie V bag for looks

  6. Honestly seamless gaming experience of ps to xperia phones was one of the biggest sony selling points
    THEY should make a ps cloud integration to sony phones for seamless cloud gaming !
    Or a super low latency connection to ps for game streaming !

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