The Nothing Phone LOOKS Different

A hands-on with the whole glyph interface in lights on the back of this phone. Will that be enough to differentiate it?

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  1. I personally think they should've just silently released it.

    Doesn't have much of that x-factor for a first gen phone (maybe it does, but we can't see the rest of the phone). All they've done is draw too much attention to themselves which I personally think is not a good idea for this phone.

    Media and tech reviewers will destroy them, I hope they make it good enough

  2. Dude, I just wanna explore more about the OS..!!
    And Very well Explained the Small Details of Transparent Back with 900 LEDs and also there working; Superb Observation..!!

  3. Flat display on Android flagship with reliable camera, great battery and fast and optimized OS. That is what I am expecting from this device.

  4. 5:10 a transparent iPhone 12 would look like this if you make a custom housing that removes the metal on the back, if you remove the glass you won’t see what dbrand represents. they look very good but they’re kinda misleading

  5. Well that's the back. What remains is the front. By the time users have memorised their visual and audible combinations for each notification, it would be about time to get the next Nothing, which will ultimately be different. Bit of an exaggeration but has to be said.

  6. I’ve come to realize Apple is not a fan of lights (unfortunately). Only being used on products where absolutely necessary and as small as possible. I’ve been saying the iPhone needs some sort of indicator light since iPhone 3G, and missed it when I switched from my blackberry. Anyone remember the days of switching the backplate of the iPhone to make the Apple logo glow?

  7. people actually putt their phones facing down? smart notifications light would be on the sides of your phone, not making you hide your screen to see an led

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