The New Apple M1 MacBook Pro Max and M1 MacBook Pro 2021

Which 2021 Apple MacBook Pro would you go for? The 14 or 16. M1 Pro or M1 Pro Max? Space Gray or Silver?

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  1. I saw a recent story that Apple joined Blender's dev fund. I wonder how fast a Mac upgraded Blender will render on a top of the line 16" Macbook Pro?

  2. I'm loving the new Macbook pros. Now we can perform more conveniently with our heavy duty apps. I'm gonna go with the 16 inch M1 space gray cause bigger screen means I can see everything clearly.

  3. Since no one is saying it am going to just have to say it myself 😹 apple ordered for face id capable mini led screens and failed to come thru with face id on time 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. LOL "innovation" my ass

    Ports from 2013 macbook, keyboard from 2013, magsafe charging from….yeah (and you have to buy a new one since the gen 1 and 2 won't work of course).

    The only thing they innovated is the chip and the LED screen – which was standard already in other computers. I'm keeping my M1 Air.

  5. Apple … Apple … it's like Tesla, an expensive thing that hasn't really changed for over 10 years, designed for wealthy users who are happy to pay more to feel exclusive.

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