The Most Tech I’ve Ever Seen in a Car!

The BMW i7 is sick. Also subscribe to @forrestsautoreviewsofficial!



  1. Why do we need such a long car that doesn't seem to have any more room inside? It's weird that there's barely any subcompact cars on the market now.

  2. This thing looks like an electrical nightmare in 5 years. Why are we making cars unnecessarily complicated. Oh yea to jack up the sales price and pass the headache and endless diagnostic cost to the mechanic and consumer. PROGRESS!

  3. BMW: let’s create an exterior that no one wants.
    Also BMW: let’s create an interior that everyone wants.
    Me: she’ll look better after a few more drinks
    Also me: I can’t drive order me an Uber

  4. Ok, that’s cool & also hard pass. BMW isn’t what I would call a beacon of reliability. There are sooo many things to break in that car. Yeah the target audience will just buy a new one when it break but eventually those’ll be rollin’ through the hood with 30” wheels & nothing else works.

  5. I do see the pig now, always thought they looked my beavers, not a fan of the design language BMW is using now. Give me an E30 M3, E36 M3, or E46 M3. IMHO, they lost their way after that, sure they cars are way faster, but soulless.

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