The Most Outrageous Laptop Ever Built…

Unboxing the fresh new ASUS ZenBook Pro 14 Duo. This thing has an abnormal, crazy useful, multitask, future vibe. Check it out! Sponsored by ASUS

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  1. A month ago I bought the 15.6 inch oled zenbook dou with the Rtx 3080 and 11th gen i9 for work and a bit of gaming. I’ve played elden ring on it, and it ran pretty good at 2k resolution. I also use this laptop for my job and am always using the second screen for the extra room it provides. I for sure get a lot more done quicker just being able to glance at the second screen. I hope this new pen is compatible with my model when they start selling it.

  2. As a tip to Asus zenbook dou owners, if you want both screens to share the a consistent wallpaper instead of two identical wallpapers with the second display having a squished wallpaper, choose the wallpaper you want in settings and change it from fit to screen to “span” in the options below your wallpaper. This option will expand the one wallpaper across both the displays and look better in my opinion.

  3. Great new model. I have the zenbook duo 2020 version and love it. Would still wait for asus/samsung to come out with full bottom screen + bluetooth keyboard like dell duet/surface neo..

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