The iPad's Odd New Feature

Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 is fascinating to me. I have a theory…

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  1. I use my iPad so basic daily items; email,work apps, video conference/calls and when I am mobile so I don't have to boot up my laptop. I will also add I do think Apple wants to keep the iPad a tablet so they can still sell the eco system.

  2. I usually have a main app in full screen and use some supporting apps from my slideover stack. And I like that workflow. It gives me focus, but I can use helper apps too.

    For some apps, I use split view. But many of the non-Apple apps I use do not support split view, so I am not used to using it.

    Unfortunately, in some cases, especially for browser apps with tabs, split view feels like a trap: I can easily open a tab (or view) in a split view or a slideover, but re-integrating that as a tab into the main window seems impossible. And opening a link in a split or slideover easily happens accidentally, by lingering a finger on a link and then moving a bit. Getting that undone or re-integrating the new view as a tab is much harder or impossible. There should be a simple way to do this.

    Stage manager sounds great in principle. (I just cannot try it yet, my iPad Pro is not M1 based.) What I like is that these off-stage “piles” are similar to workspaces on a desktop. And offering selected window sizes could actually be helpful. Fumbling around until all windows are exactly how I like them is not so much fun. Having good suggested sizes and arrangements might help, if they do that well. But it really depends how well it is done and how easy to use everything is — even for special cases like apps with tabs. If they can make window handling intuitive and easy, then I am all for it.

  3. Note taking using Notability. That is probably the #1 use for my iPad. Helps out a ton at work. Otherwise it’s pretty much a media machine. Also some light Procreate work.

    I am considering swapping out my m1 pro for a mini though.

  4. I'm a digital artist and my iPad is used for drawing 95% of the time. Gave up on getting to know all these weird tricks a long time ago, I switch between apps like you would on an iPhone and that's it. If they keep doing this style I'll be picking something else next time.

  5. I use my iPad as a full time computer and I am excited with new iPadOS 16 features on my M1 iPad Pro! It’s not complicated at all for me cause I use iPad as a main device for 10 years now and Mac or PC were always secondary for me. Stage Manager really makes sense. And in the video I didn’t hear the phrase ‘it’s a beta’. This phrase is really important because Apple can turn on a clamshell mode for external displays later, it’s just a preview version of an operating system, it’s not officially released yet.

  6. I literally got an m1 11 inch for dolphin emulator but then i got a m1 pro macbook and it runs emulators pretty good so now my ipad is just for tv and comics lol

  7. "We wanna do it when we can do it really, really well."
    This is what I like about Apple. They might not be always the "first" to have that feature but they always killin' it once they do it.

  8. Will non-M1 iPads not get external monitor support at all? Will it still be mirroring? I think that's the only feature which would be nice to have on my iPad. Otherwise it's just a media machine, watching youtube and netflix etc with occasional email.

  9. I mostly use my iPad as a way to go paperless and to view media, the most windows I have open on it and ever see myself using on it is 2 windows at a time unless it was hooked up to a display but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon since mine doesn’t have an M1 chip, I don’t plan on updating it anytime soon and I keep things that require heavier multitasking to my MacBook.

    All I want from an OS upgrade at this point is a calculator app and better file management 😅

  10. I spend 8+ hours a day on a Mac, so when I’m using an iPad I only want one app at the time. It helps me staying focused on one thing and control the levels of anxiety 😂

  11. just sold my iPad and got the m2 air because it runs Mac and iOS apps so what's the point of an iPad. Also iPad Pro with keyboard case is around the same price as the Mac…

  12. Hi MKBHD.
    I want to buy me a ipad air 5.Gen (64GB).
    My Question is, if you could test the IpadOS 16 Beta for me and say/show, if it supports stage manager.
    Please I would appreciate it very much.

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