The Final Boss of Robot Vacuums

Have yourself a cleaning robot. Meet the Ecovacs Deebot X1. Sponsored by Ecovacs.
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  1. my rumba auto empties already but i would like to see how good the mop works takes a while to map but works only if you keep everything the same since then gets confused when the couch shifts

  2. I bought Deebot N8+ two years ago. I don't recommend it at all. the AI has a critical stupid issue . every time a little piece of furniture move a little bit. the robot don't recognize the house and start creating new map. and in order to let the robot start mapping you have to clean the house yourself 🤡

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  4. I would never recommend ECOVACS. My experience has been terrible. Their algorithm just doesn’t work. Mine if it gets stuck, it just shuts down and asks to remap the whole house again. It’s really frustrating.

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  6. Roborock is definitely a bit better, got both but the so called VibraRise feature is missing on Ecovacs side, also on the navigation side he doesnt detect automatically the floor. But AI and quality is very good. Yiko is also not responding to every command it should do, annoying feature for me.

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