The Dragonfly is BEAUTIFUL

The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 is more than a laptop. Dragonfly Folio G3 is a versatile device that takes many forms. Sponsored by HP.

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  1. Great vid man! 🙂
    being able to draw on it doing math/art then being able to switch to keyboard instantly. My old ass pc dont even work and I'm studying on a budget, barely have money for a 100 dollar pc, bro…

  2. I would love to trade my HP EliteBook x360, the Dragonfly Folio's convertible design is an improvement IMHO. As for the tent orientation, I use that a lot of the time, particularly at home and offices where the laptop is docked and I use an external keyboard and mouse. Then I can still get to the screen to use the pen.
    Perfect for those of us who are mobile, primarily use office apps and have lightweight video editing needs.

  3. Nice to see this form factor is taking off! I love my Surface Laptop Studio for the combination of angles you can use it from. This would be great as a lighter-weight, less powerful alternative.

  4. Convertible "laptops" used to just be underpowered tablets with a keyboard attached and when you folded them into tablet form the keyboard would annoyingly be on the back of the device. They've come a long way to actually being quite powerful, portable, and viable machines that you can actually call a laptop instead of an overpriced tablet

  5. the fun fact is powerful chipset does not powerful as its have to because of no fan =]] and the good thing is camera 8 Mpx like in a phone, not the 720p 1.2 Mpx in a laptop =]]]

  6. PC laptop designs have been pretty stale lately, outside of the portable handheld form factor which I'm surprised Unbox hasn't jumped in yet. No USB A on this is gonna make it kinda annoying to pair with a mouse forcing you to use laggy Bluetooth mice.

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