The Best Smartphones for 2023!

Giving out my awards to the Best Smartphones of 2022 and the Best Smartphones for 2023! CASETiFY’s iPhone 14 Cases are now available at! Go to to get 15% off your order!

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  1. I genuinely love how Arun works hard just for the little things in his videos. The background, the audio, the editing and every small things in his videos are meticulously thought out and pre-planned. They are executed to perfection in the end. I can't even imagine the amount of hard work that they have to put in for the concepts and the videos. Really good job, guys! Your videos are worth watching for each and EVERY second.

  2. best midrange phone is SO undeserved for nothing phone… that thing costs +60% than your normal 300€ mid range phone… with worse hardware, how is it even possible lol? literally just paying the looks, even the software is terrible, its just android stock + their inconsistent UI.

  3. I had a Pixel 5, and eventhough the phone is great in many ways, absolutley NOTHING can weigh up the fact that you can't remove the Google search bar or the weather widget. Unless this is changed I will never buy a Pixel again. And no, I don't want to mess around with chaning launcher or anything else, this should be a stock feature.

  4. Quick point about the iPhone 13/14, I was torn but my job, which involves lots of driving in potentially dangerous places at night meant the crash detection and emergency satellite communication sold the phone to me. They are the only two reason to buy over the 13, but for some people they are pretty good reasons! 👍

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