The Best Camera in Any Phone… With a Catch!

Sony Xperia Pro-i has the largest sensor in any smartphone ever made.
That shirt!

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Phone provided by Sony for review.



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  1. I use my phone primarily to communicate, browse the internet for info, entertainment last to take photos. I use a DSLR camera for serious images. There is no substitute for best photo, video than the professional camera.

  2. Sony is among the world's best R&D and suppliers of Sensors They have good production facilities as well.
    It's a lucrative division for the company. Many other corps use their sensors today.

  3. I started watching your videos for a very long time. That's my love for Samsung phones. But poor guy from Ghana can't even afford a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. That's my dream phone

  4. Pro – i => Pro – Eye!
    Camera system at the rear kinda represents an eye!

    Wait… uhh… they may change it though now that it's been figured out 😁

  5. In all fairness the names for the Sony phones range aren't that bad it kind of makes sense but ya the numbers are random and it took me quite a while to figure it out 😂

    So you have the 1 series which are their normal flagship for the average consumer

    You have their 5 series which are slightly worse so their lower end flagship

    Then you have the 10 series which is kind of like their high mid range series

    Then you have their pro series which is just complete overkill in every way possible

    And then you have their mid ranges which no one has any idea how they work 😅

  6. Considering apple has not fast charger in the box, does not have extendable memory, no jack, ridiculous sim toolkit… Oh giving one of the most expensive had phones for free I believe price are quite equal. So Sony buyers throw their money as much as apple buyers not much not less. I was wondering what will you say about the name this time 🙂 I don't think naming shows the quality… I really like your analysis but I think you are not being fully objective about Sony. You never mention how they care about their customers and global problems also ethical behaviors of the brand.

  7. Thank you for that revelation ,i appreciate it keeping real , and being honest to us n not just selling out . For someone like me that would of have to sacrifice paying a bill or two on time lol, just to save for the phone and come to realize my pixel or s21 has better aperture or light gathering due to it not utilizing the entire sensor , would of been f**** shitty since I use them for astrophotography .

  8. what smartphones are the best for photography / videos? I am searching a smartphone for my father who does not want to carry a smartphone and camera… Searching for weeks and still not sure what to get, either Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, …

  9. Sony the way it is placed in 2021 is reminiscent of how android began as a fragmented platform, continues to be a fragmented platform and will remain as such for the foreseeable future. I am all for glorifying niche features and one off attention grabbing devices every once in a while, but come on! does this really show that the company is serious about selling smartphones? I don’t think so.

  10. I dream to have a Sony phone someday, but it is too expensive for me and hard to acquire in our region. Though I still hope one of these days, I'd have one! Regarding this review, in my opinion, the comparison of camera features must first be understood by the objective behind it. Who are the targeted consumers? If we force that it is made for ordinary folks like me, then of course, Sony will be out of the game. So it is indeed fair to make a sense who this phone is for in the same way that a 50,000 USD movie camera are for pros and not for me.

    The Xperia Pro is really intended for geeks who wants to have full access to every single control and options. It is for geeks who are not spoilt by auto-features doing it all for them. This phone is not intended for everybody and it is indeed difficult to understand why Sony chose this risky direction though I trust them that they know what they are doing, and it is working as they are getting noticed again in the game.

    It is understandable that reviewers will go with the features that is popular with the majority, there are also some few reviewers I have seen who reviews a phone by what they are intended to be by the company that makes them. Despite the fact that I'd go for a Samsung for my daily driver, I love how Sony pushes on towards a direction that some reviewers and other companies undermine at the beginning and yet follow suit months or years afterwards anyway.

    I support this Sony phone and I believe it is truly a phone that deserves the PRO in its name unlike others that has the PRO but are praised because they are ironically full-auto and great with their automatic algorithms.

  11. To be honest yall reviewers dont test the camera and use it like the pros do, theres so many guys on youtube that test the cameras properly with all the settings

    This is a pro camera with all the features so why compare it to a dumbed down version of photography taking all the time?

    Do you want sony to include "idiot mode" most people who use these phones prefer raw to process later

    Also you are wrong about the sensor part

  12. Thanks for bringing this up, the whole computational photography thing is really the central point here.

    I do a lot of mirrorless photography so sometimes people ask me what phone they should get for the best photo quality. I usually tell them that we're now in the post-hardware-specs era where it doesn't really matter that much what the sensor is actually outputting, it only matters what the software then does with this image. If an image looks more appealing at first glance in a side-by-side comparison it's not because the sensor has some crazy stats that make the image look better, it's usually just because the processing adapts the colours and details to look more like whatever patterns some neural network has extracted from a huge dataset of aesthetically pleasing professionally edited images.

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