Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!


PLAID Model S is stupid fast. And is better built than ever. But that yoke tho

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  1. Very thorough video. Kudos on the input ๐Ÿ‘. Not all people are technically capable as you are. This can be a deal breaker for them.
    Other than that the car seems amazing

  2. I love all the lies Tesla people tell that let you know they don't understand cars. The parachute over 150 MPH thing is bullshit. Congratulations you spent twice the money for a Toyota Supra.

  3. I have had my Model S Plaid for a month, previously owned P90D ludicrous. Love the new car. Yoke is a bit of an issue, but after a month I am fine with it. Every single aspect of the car is an upgrade from the previous Model S. One very subtle thing is that the shorter dash places you closer to the windshield(not much, just a little), but the effect is significant in terms of visibility. Only thing I am bumped about is that I didn't get one of those 25 "plaid" badges on the back like Marques did.

  4. The two things that would put me off this car, the steering system and the buttons that are never in the same place. When the steering thing is upside down , those buttons are on the other side, and at a 1/4 turn they are at the top or bottom, stupid move. That bloody great out of place screen. Just like your phone, always a filthy and a big distraction. At night to bright I'll bet. Didn't like the white seats either, but I guess you could choose another option for that at least. Over all, I would walk by it.

  5. The thing that grinds my gears the most I would say is the horn button. Feels like it was designed by the ones that get horned at and did that on purpose. From a safety standpoint: The steering and the horn are the only two commands that someone tries to reach out to on a quick reaction, that's reflex. Now those two are, well…
    Anyway, the conclusion (mine) is the horn command is just trash.

  6. Stupid car. What were you thinking Elon giving the go on that dangerous steering wheel! That only works for Night Rider's K.I.T.T and that's the coolest and smartest useful car EVER! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. 7:30 "NHRA rules under 10 second you need a parachute!"
    Incorrect, if you do over 150MPH you need a parachute, that's it. You don't have to deploy but that's risking them kicking you off the track.
    If you are faster than 11 flat you also need a rollcage for older model cars (Pre 2008, i think I'm not that well versed in what the list is. Any car with STRONK A-Pillars a tech might let you pass with, though if they say no you better not plan on burning the house down and doing another run, they will kick you off the track and sometimes off the property)

  8. An impressive piece of technology that hamstrings itself as a car by ruining your primary interface with it as a car…

    There are some things you shouldnโ€™t use touch screens/non-physical interfaces for.

    You should never have to look at your steering wheel while driving, ever. It should just feel like an extension of your hands.

  9. I'm attached to actual steering wheels with a large horn in the middle and a turn signal lever on the left side. I hope Tesla has the option to go classic with this part if the design in the future

  10. I feel safer buying cars from a company which has 40 years or more experience manufacturing cars.
    Cause it truly does take a long time to learn from mistakes and make things safer and not just burn up despite not crashing..
    Also new is not necessarily better

  11. one SINGLE thing I want to add is that a lot of people have that turning issue with the yolk BUT there are two spaces on the bottom left and bottom right that would allow for a full turn with a single hand

    take your hand and put it in either gap and you can easily make a full turn without ghost grabbing or hitting the buttons. am I wrong here? just a thought

  12. They could solve the yoke issue with a simple proportioning where at low speed when you do most of your more-than-90ยฐ maneuvers on the steering wheel, it takes less input to turn the wheel. The buttons should absolutely not be touch sensitive. Those buttons are all 2nd most important to the steering wheel itself and that's why for 60+ years they've had their own independently functional buttons/levers. What's next, a touch sensitive throttle and brake "pedal" on the floor? That could be a nightmare.

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