Surface Laptop Studio Impressions: Windows 11 With a Twist!

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
That shirt!
The Verge’s Windows 11 Review:

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

Laptop provided by Microsoft for video.




  1. I sometimes think mkbhd is batman:
    1. Loves Matte black
    2. Has worlds all fancy gadgets
    3. Gets to use new tech weeks, months or years before we even know about it
    4. Fights mafia boss (Escobar video)
    5. Has an automatic remote controlled boatmobile again in matte black

  2. I will buy any laptop for some particular work and for that two of the most important things are CPU and battery life. I don't want anything fancy and most people will not need whatever this is. Just improve CPU and battery life and you will have a good product.

  3. Have been using a Surface book 1 for about 4 years now. I might want to switch to this laptop when the time comes to change mine ! I just don't see any alternative with a laptop beeing powerful and having a touchscreen with a pen as well !

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