Surface Duo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Surface Duo: The dual screen Microsoft folding phone.

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Phone provided by Microsoft for review.




  1. LUV the multi-app access! SO MANY RL productivity applications for that! Video +Speaker Quality's a Deal Breaker, tho. "Brutal" definitely the right word. Lotta sacrifices. . . .🤔

  2. MS could potentially have a 3-in-1 with the Surface Duo 2 = -12.4’ + Laptop, Tablet and Phone.
    WIN 11 + foldable screen + thicker for better camera tech and bigger battery
    Portrait orientation – Tablet, no hinge across the screen, fold it in half where the other side has a phone screen
    Landscape orientation – Laptop which you can attach a keyboardtrackpad cover

  3. Not too bad for a first model.. hopefully the second revision we see something on the lines of a motorola edge/samsung galaxy edge screens and get rid of that bezel. But hey if you've used multiple monitors before then that bezel shouldn't be too bad.

  4. People now complain about everything…10 years ago they lost their mind with the first note….i think this phone is an amazing productivity tool for executives and bussiness people who have real use for this, this is not for the daily "youtube watcher, candy crush gamer, instagram model wannabes" …….snd for $450 right now, you should be crazy not to get it

  5. The pool stroke hurts my soul. Find a pro to show you proper setup or watch the snooker channels on youtube. You will dominate.

  6. I am an independent contractor/gig worker and I use a Samsung Galaxy S21 however, This would be perfect for multitasking as an Ubereats/DoorDash driver allowing you to multi app and see both apps running at the same time without having to flip between them to check on the orders that come in. This also seems amazing for a little pocket comic book reader lol. Especially for the price of late which is around 600-700 for a brand new unlocked one.

  7. Have you looked at the phone recently after there have been significant updates? From reviews I've seen in 2021, many hiccups have been remedied with those updates.

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