Surface Duo 2: Can This Be Saved?

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is both better… and worse? Does this dual screen passport fold have a future?

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  1. I think the real gem would be the “Neo” if it’s still called that.. if it still exists and is still coming. Seems like the easier sell to have a foldable dual screen tablet/computer than the Duo. I really like the idea but I don’t see myself getting one. Maybe the third time’s the charm

  2. I really like how the vocals of video are just crispest than a crispy cookie. I really love the way you put up your video. I just watch it because YOU are reviewing it.

  3. Duo is a working station for people on a go that don't want laptop . I don't think Microsoft meant it to a phone like Samsung or Apple. It's a small computer for work connectivity and video conference. It needs one good camera for outside the office use, a good cpu and memory. All this camera bump is a waste. It is not meant for everyone.

  4. They just need to ditch the freaking camera bumb. Add more thickness and try to fit a camera with the room now got. And yeah put better batteries. Cmon this is more of a work based device. It just most likrly need to only scan some papers or to show the client something. It can have bad cams its ok. Maybe yeah adding a small usable screen outside is a pretty good idea. And also as its an office device microsoft shoulf try and add like somekinda forced dark mode or whatever for reading and what not. And yeah i like the form factor idea. But the implementation aint right.

  5. I feel like the only way to fix the camera issue is to have a pop up camera, at least then you could use the one single camera easily for both selfies and normal photo taking, with the device closed. And honestly the first iteration was so so much more stylish.

  6. Oh so sad… Microsoft should've made it more refined, not objectively better. I imagine business people who would consider this device just don't care about that camera system at all, and yet they do care about software reliability and the whole fact that it's a Microsoft. What they should have done is make a better surface duo 1 gen, maybe with better SELFIE camera, high refresh and all that good stuff. And I'm not fancy the outer screen too. They would totally mess it up if they would 😉🤣

  7. Maybe it's just not designed to be a "phone". Most of the pitfall you identified are " pitfalls" based on comparing it to smartphones. But then the price point kinda justifies your point.

  8. Apple will come up with a good solution and will scorch the foldable segment. This should definitely be about research topics. Samsung's foldables also have fold marks, which is not a good thing.

  9. I am still trying to understand, what was Microsoft thinking while making such a device as in who is target clientele, are they making something better to compete with the likes for I-pads , Xiomi or samsung Tabs? (It definitely doesn't qualify as a Phone) Certainly was not expecting such a poor thought process from a company of such high standards.

  10. I feel like this is cool in concept, but proves not great in practice. It’s pitched like a digital passport. I’m surprised they didn’t name it something like “pocketbook.” Good on them for continuing to develop their own hardware. They’ve made some cool moves within the past 10 years. Keep going Microsoft!

  11. They did it as they planned. This device is made to use like compact laptop, not a smartphone in general. Only thing bothers in the demo is the horizontal reading in dual screen, Well the pricing is too high

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