STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam…This is why.
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  1. Wait but … 3:05 or so… that’s …not quite a good way to simplify radiation and how it works or how it can be harmful. You know? I mean look I’m not a professional. But I am into the subjects and work and trained in the tech and electronics fields. So. Yeah. I mean sure agree a lot of these things are scams so ain’t arguing about that! But that’s not quite how radiation works!?

  2. They are using and misusing the placebo effect! And want to make money.
    Using the placebo effect is a well spread practice, like MD's prescribing sugar pills as medicine (although I hope there a doing it from the intention of making the patient better) .
    I like the questions that you are asking, but be careful thinking that we have all the science in. We still have a long way to go to understand the world we are living in. And then explain how it works 🙂

  3. Its an old scam. My roomate gave me one of these a long time ago to put on my phone lol. She was a real wackjob. But she believed in it! Never with electronics on near her, out of fear of the emf etc…

  4. Herpes and EB virus are different like 3 in 1 and actual coffee made from coffee beans.Eb gives a lesion that looks like herpes idd yet herpes per say is given by herpes simplex virus not EB virus.The implication is for medical purposes only but its always nice to try to keep things accurate like ur videos:).Keep goin and love ur clips!

  5. whether these products work or not, there has been a study that shows there is a correlation between headaches and people who live near signal towers

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