Sony Xperia 10 V review

Not a lot has changed going from the Xperia 10 IV to the new Xperia 10 V. If you are a fan of the promise of amazing battery life combined with a stand-out thin and tall and extra light design of the phone, there is just nothing else out there in the midrange space. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xperia 10 V’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Design and build
01:11 – Screen specs and features
01:51 – Headphone jack, front-facing stereo speakers test
02:17 – Storage options
02:23 – Android 13 and UI
03:03 – Snapdragon 695 5G performance
03:33 – Battery endurance and charging test
04:01 – Camera specs
04:09 – Main camera: photo and video quality
05:04 – 2x zoom camera: photo and video quality
05:39 – Ultrawide camera: photo and video quality
06:17 – Electronic image stabilization (EIS) demo
06:23 – Selfies
06:31 – Conclusion
06:59 – Alternatives (and selfie video/audio quality)



  1. For poor value hardware and dreadful software implementation look no further than Sony. Horrible phones totally, I chucked one back to Argos 6 months back as it kept randomly shutting down. Their is absolutely zero reason to pick Xperia today, even weight and compactness are little purpose now. You're better off buying a 7a! I'm using an Oppo find x5 which i bought for £449, it has 1st gen 888, a fab camera, and a knockout screen for price. Sony should forget selling phones, even the 1 V is well overpriced, and although decent by comparison, I wouldn't want one even free!!

  2. That camera is absolutely horrible, especially for a Sony. 1080p video from the main camera in 2023? Really Sony?

    Why even bother making a mid-ranged phone if you aren't even going to try.

  3. Removed LED, larger size, same SoC, same level of awful camera. Thats upgrade? 400 euros?

    Love the design, no notch, battery life, don't even care about 60hz display, but this is a no go for me, even tho I almost bought IV that was on sale with headphones bundle for 300 euros. Kinda regret it now, as there are no longer such bundles available.

  4. This phone feels so off… it lacks the essence of the lineup, which is the manual adjustments. Also, it should have a 7 gen 2 chipset, even if it increases the price point a little bit.

  5. I rather have the Nokia X30. Same chipset but the Nokia has 90 hertz screen rate and 3 operating system updatea and more security updates than Sony

  6. Hmmm, con : bad software downgrade, bad refresh rate, bad chipset, bad fingerprint scanner, bad price $759sgd) no charger. Pros :good oled screen, good battery life, expandable storage, good audio, comparable cameras (to Chinese phones) – oppo reno series, xiaomi T Series, vivo Y series. (I rather spend my money on an samsung A34 5g)👎😎👎

  7. Still using my Xperia 10 III and won't be upgrading to this. For it's price point with Snapdragon 695 and 60hz refresh rate, I don't think it's good to upgrade. Well, the 48 mp camera, stereo speakers, and 500 mah more battery are definitely an upgrade. I love the front and back gorilla glass 6 model of 10 III.

  8. I really want to know who is buying the 10 series phones. Like what are the sales like? Clearly there are people buying these Sony "mid-range" devices despite the high prices. Otherwise Sony wouldn't be releasing 10 series phones every year.

  9. mid ranger no no no freaking way is too weak for mid range phone and sony said they concentrate on battery but still only 500-mAh mehh maybe for max 300 dollars and no more, price is more than 400 no no people dont buy this phone they are much better and soon new real mid range phones with better spec than this device.

  10. Sony offers hardware from the stone age for the price of tomorrow. Also x2 tele is kinda redundant if you crop in from the full 48 mp main cam. If you can even turn off pixel binning. No 4k video and 60 hz refresh rate is just insulting in 2023.

  11. একটা চায়নারে দিছে ইংলিশে কথা কইতে হালার পো হালা মুখ থুইয়া কথা কয় নাকদিয়া

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