Sony Xperia 10 IV hands-on & key features

The Sony Xperia 10 IV has just been annouced and we already have a review unit. While we’re busy bringing you our full review, here’s ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features at a glance!

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Design and build quality
0:41 Display (6” OLED, 1080p, 60Hz refresh rate) quality test
1:18 Main cameras
1:47 Battery
1:59 Snapdragon 695 5G
2:08 Conclusion



  1. Is there really no market for compact phones these days (6" and below)?
    Beside the pixel 5 and iPhone Mini the Xperia 10 IV is the only "compact" modern phone with descent Specs you can buy.

  2. If only they put 90hz display I would buy this phone to replace my Xperia XZ2 compact as a my secondary phone, I really like compact phone with 6' screen, my main phone S22 not as comfortable to hold in one hands as my previous S20 which have narrow body

  3. A 60HZ screen and 1080p max video recording. These are the same specs as my Samsung Galaxy S4 BACK IN 2013!!! Either this is a joke or Sony’s mobile department is run by old people that don’t have any kind of connection with really and technology. Or both…

  4. These "Mark" series of Sony smartphones are in a class of their own. Sony really caters to those who are experienced photographers and video creators who know what to do with the camera apps that came with the phone and not just rely on AI. The screen of the Mark series (especially the Xperia 1) are flagship-grade for serious content creators who want to view their media without the annoyances brought by notches, punch holes, and pill-shaped cutouts. You don't have to pinch the screen to hide these stupid distractions because the whole screen rectangle of these Sony flagship phones are put to good use. Would you want an expensive OLED TV or movie theater to have a notch and ruin the movies you watch? The designs are also classy and are meant for professionals doing serious work – not those pretenders who are content with cheapness.

    Edit: the good old 3.5mm jack is still supported because Sony still makes wireless headphones that support wired audio and are used with premium sound technologies. Makes sense.

  5. Just looked up the pricing on sonys website, and i am sorry but what? 500€ is a bit much.
    I'm sure it is perfectly fine for fans of the brand but for someone looking not too close at any brand in particular and rather at the spec sheet this is just too expensive.
    I give it that, better IP rating than most 500€ (and lower) phones, probably a pretty good cam in that price range, fairly light weight and just 6'' which is a welcome change from other phones.
    But the rest is just……..

    SD 695 instead of a 778G or Dimensity 920, plastic back, 60Hz refresh rate only. And no i don't want to miss a 120Hz refresh rate in everyday use the difference is massive to me and i still get 1 & 1/2 days of use out of it.

    I currently use a Redmi Note 10 Pro since last year and that will last me the next 3-4 years easily that was about 250€ last year.
    Bought another one a couple of days ago for one of my sisters since her old phone broke for 210€ (6GB RAM + 128GB Storage), the note 11 pro+ 5g is available near the 350€ mark and so is the realme 9 pro+ (both phones in the 8GB RAM + 256GB Storage variants respectively).
    Then there is last years A52s which can be had for around 300€ on sale (also 8 + 256).
    To name a few others that offer far better price to performance: Poco X3 Pro, Poco F3, Galaxy A33, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE, Realme GT Master Edition, Realme GT 2 Neo, Poco X4 Pro and probably more.

    Seems like a rant not intentionally, but i have to ask: What on earth would make this phone worth 500€ with those specs?
    I can happily give up a bit on the camera and IP rating, save 150€ or more and then still have everything else better or at least on par. I don't quite get it. To me it looks like a premium mid range asking price with lower mid range specs. o.O

  6. I hate that Sony continues to skip the states and not offer the 10 series. They did for the very first one and that was it. I'd really like to get this one in white but it's not available here smh.

  7. the 27mm camera has OIS now, nice. But the sensor is, at 1/2.8", still super tiny. Even smaller than the sensor of the Pixel 5 for example. Cool that they give us an additional 2x telephoto lens though. Video only at FullHD max.
    This phone will only impress it one thing: battery live. I think the 60hz will help here. Easily a 2-3 days – phone.

  8. How I wish it was 2 cm shorter. My Xperia Z5 compact has the perfect size for me. It's slowly dying on me and I'd love to stick with Sony, but I don't want a bigger phone…

  9. I can sort of understand removing the UHD video capability, but I hope they change their minds and re-enable it. The problem with the UHD video on the Xperia 10 iii was that it only used the "main" camera and was really only useful between 1x – 2x. Zooming past 2x resulted in obviously poor quality. But part of the poor quality was the low bitrate. The slightly higher processing might have allowed a bit more bitrate, so the newer 10 iv might have been a little better. But, yes, if you only have a 10 iii, then you might as well skip UHD and be able to use all 3 cameras for more versatile video. Personally, if I am out for photography — even if I plan on only taking stills, I always have a better video camera with me than the Xperia 10 iii. The only time the 10 iii is the "best" camera I have with me is when I did not plan on doing any photography at all, and when I was younger, I always carried a real camera anyway.

  10. Damn! I was still tempting to get the 10 III all this time which isn't even available here in the USA but now this phone is coming out and I want it. I'm stuck with a Samsung phone but Sony is the phone I want. No ugly rear camera setup or useless multiple cameras, no ugly hole punch on screen, plenty of nice colors to choose from, headphone jack and SD card slot still available! I love the features, it has everything I need! I don't care about 4K recording, I only record in 1080p anyways on my channel and I could care less about higher refresh rate, I've used a Samsung phone with 120hz and I honestly prefer it at 60hz. I want these phones to come here!! Not those super expensive Xperia phones that are available here ugh. 😩

  11. I was disappointed but now I'm very intrigued by the 10iv.
    The plastic build, big battery and 60hz sound really good to me as a work phone.
    I don't really care about the camera and gaming capabilities as i have a pro-i.

    If the vibration motor is good enough (doesn't feel cheap) and the speaker is loud enough i can see myself buying this.
    The ace 3 would be even cooler

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