Sony WH-1000XM5 Review: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back!

Sony’s MK5 noise cancelling headphones are still king of the hill,
Sony WH1000XM5:
Sony WH1000XM4:

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  1. My Sony 950b headset headband broke and there is no customer care here.. they don't have idea if they can repair…
    Sony is a dying company with diminishing after sales support.. they almost lost xperia mobile market share..
    All money I put in this fkn headset is now waste…

  2. I've had Mark 3 since the launch and they're still kicking ass. The only problem I've had with these is that I've lost count of the number of times I've farted in public thinking I'll rip a silent one and gotten weird looks

  3. What would people recommend for construction work? Have saws going off all day and would like something stable and muffles out background noise while also being able too call and not picking up all the power tool noise? Is there a good headphone for that?(preferably dust proof)

  4. I have the Sony Xm4 for I months, although they sound great many features have never worked properly. The sensor in the ear doesn’t work so they continue to play when I have them around my neck. The settings constantly reset, I had them replaced and same issues. Sony just ignored my further emails. Not worth what I spent for premium headphones.

  5. If sound quality is your gig and have an iphone . Don't get this headphone or the mx4, Sony's LDAC won't work with iphone.

    Had to learn the hard way. Kinda funny how none of these big YouTubers won't tell you that directly.

  6. Have tried both AirPods max and Xmas, still prefer my AirPods Max, super solid build quality, solid and clean bass than the xm4, much better transparency mode, slightly better noise cancelling, and lastly, Super Immersive Spatial Audio when watching movie, totally no competition when watching video that supports it, totally worth the extra 200 for me

  7. I use the XM3 (bought them 2 years ago) best headphones I've ever had. Having 30~ hrs of battery life and fast charging is amazing.

  8. The lack of folding cups is hardly a 'design flaw' — it's a considered design re-evaluation from Sony based on feedback + insight from testing. By that logic, the XM4 folding cups are a 'design flaw' since they have their own set of drawbacks (finicky, cheap creaking etc). I'm also yet to meet someone who doesn't hate folding them up and storing them in their case, the new XM5 solves that. It's a an intentional design decision, not a 'design flaw'…

    You're correct to present the strengths + weaknesses between them, but calling out things don't personally appeal to you as 'design flaws' is lazy.

  9. OKAY so im going into college and I have been WAITING to get me some headphones and now that the 1000xm5's came out my dilemma…
    Do I get the 1000xm5, 1000xm4, airpod max OR wait if apple releases newer air pod max's
    Any suggestions would help:)

  10. Just to be contrary about the perceived purpose of this range of Sony headphones, ie travel… Not in my case. I do a lot of music listening / audio work at home for radio, and the sound quality is just what I need – but the noise cancelling also blocks out traffic noise, and even plane noise even though I'm under a flight path and they go directly overhead, quite low. Maybe that makes them the opposite of a travel headphone in my case! I have the Mk4s though, and going by this and other reviews, there doesn't seem to be much reason to upgrade just yet. Thanks for an informative review.

  11. well the design is definitely a bit too different, these look great…..when you are not wearig it. but when on, those curved hinges stand out way too much and look a bit goofy tbh. they could've just made it horter so it doesn't overextend above the cups.

  12. These companies really should have sent a test prototype to Marques before releasing it. The design flaw is quite annoying, especially the folding on your shoulders bit. Did nobody at Sony realised it at all during testing? 😅

  13. The case reminds me of the THX x Drop Pandas. I doubt the sound quality is anywhere near the Pandas yet though.
    IMO, WF-1000XM4 for travel, Pandas for audio quality.

  14. Very insightful video! Seems that the XM4s I purchased recently for ~$250 still made for a very worthwhile purchase. The additional value brought by this new model probably would not have justified the price bump if I was able to choose between them.

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