Samsung OneUI 4.1 on Android 12: Key features

Based on Android 12, Samsung’s OneUI 4.1 for Galaxy smartphones has all the latest Android features and more.

It’s a feature-rich user interface with many customization options that have been a key selling point for Samsung smartphones in recent years.
Here’s our list of One UI 4.1’s best features if you are a first-time Samsung user.

Long-time Samsung users – sorry if we’ve missed your favorite feature! Some of the minor features had to give way to keep this video concise.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Homescreen
0:39 Color palettes
0:52 Notification shade
1:10 Google Discover and Samsung Free
1:25 Task switcher
1:35 App drawer vs. no app drawer
1:50 Edge panel
2:06 Power button shortcut
2:15 Preinstalled apps
2:40 Phone dialer
2:58 Privacy dashboard
3:09 Secure folder
3:21 Dual messenger
3:33 Game launcher
3:43 Game plugins
3:56 Samsung Good Lock
4:09 DeX
4:37 Link to Windows
4:55 Samsung keyboard with Grammarly
5:09 Smart widgets
5:23 Camera pro mode support
5:35 Object eraser’s new features
5:47 Extra brightness toggle
5:57 RAM plus
6:20 Software support
6:35 Conclusion



  1. Thanks for the video! I currently have the galaxy s10 5g and I checked if there was a software update it there was! I now have one ui 4.1 on android 12!

  2. Keep it going GSMArena!

    I would say too that OneUI is one of the best aspects of a Samsung phone, though every interface available offers enough features for most users and in the end of the day, Android phone is an Android phone – they are all very similar. On the other hand, the Chinese brands Xiaomi and Huawei have started to imitate iOS more and more, which in fact is not a bad thing to me.
    Which is the best interface though? I'd say it's either OxygenOS from OnePlus or OneUI, but I don't think OneUI has necessarily taken only positive steps forward, since I liked it the best when it had text labels over everything, telling you what every icon does. If it's still mostly this way then pardon me, but I just remember that the interface was very easy to navigate when I had a Galaxy S6. The only rather nasty thing is the lag of the UI – I simply cannot trust them before they prove to not release any updates that slow down the phone, let alone keep the release version lag free. I likely will not buy Samsung phones before they really start to convince people that quality of their software and updates is their main priority over everything else, but all this said, their UI is designed great.

    To conclude, I pretty much like every UI out there, they are all pretty great, although I don't know very well the Chinese brands that are only popular in China, so I cannot say much about them. From the top of my head, I would rank the UIs as follows:

    1. OnePlus (features, customization, animations, fluidness, all great)
    2. Samsung (so much stuff and mostly user friendly)
    3. Motorola (clean and useful Moto features)
    4. Sony (clean and only useful added features)
    5. Huawei (a robust package)
    6. Xiaomi (a little bloated, but the recent optimizations are great)
    7. Google Pixel (seems pretty basic to me, but nothing wrong otherwise, certainly a favourite of many)

  3. Glad that you mention the notification problem that almost every other Android skin has. That's always something I have to remind people when I recommend them phones from xiaomi, Realme etc. I don't really know why that always happens with Chinese phones.

  4. Please try transferring 500gb of photos and videos to your pc then we will talk how good One UI is. Dump.

    Battery times compared to previous UI halfed, charge speeds weaker then super budget phones.

  5. One UI really need to revamp their app icons. Google icons: Circle.
    Apple icons: rounded rectangle.
    Samsung: not circle, nor square , it Just not so good for my taste. They should bring back rectangle app icon.
    And hide notch option, with proper rounded corners so the screen will look symmetrical.

  6. Despite everything said and seen, the battery drain makes me think the upgrade is not worth it. Not more than a month ago on Android 11 and One UI 3.1 my phone's used to last a couple of days between full charge, now it hardly lasts a full day, it's showing low battery by around 6 in the evening

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