Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Z Flip4 5G hands-on and key features

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 are here and while they may look similar to their predecessors, they bring a number of key updates. Check out ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Samsung’s latest foldables!

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Foldable Dynamic Displays quality test
01:37 – Design and build quality
02:04 – Android 12, One UI 4.1.1
02:36 – Cameras
03:36 – Conclusion



  1. I think foldables will go the way of 3D tv's. All the influencers are desperately trying to push them, but they've already got to the stage of small iterative yearly upgrades, and the promised falls in price haven't really happened. Good luck trying to push this expensive, flimsy tech in the middle of a worldwide recession

  2. Very nice upgrades to these newer phones. But would anyone be mad at me if I said I'm still satisfied with my s20 ultra I'm preparing to upgrade to its top tier version and I can wait on these foldables.

  3. Thank you, Will, and the GSMArena staff for the work that goes into these videos. Best wishes to Samsung in these very uncertain times, on marketing and selling these two phones.

  4. Was contemplating on getting a flip or fold. But seeing that the battery is nearly identical as last year, left me a sour taste. Guess I'll wait for the iphone 14 series or hold on a little for the s23 series or maybe get the recently marked down oneplus 10 pro. Pixel is not officially available here and those that sell it marks it up high

  5. In order to save the economy, everyone must go out and buy a $1500 folding phone and sign up for 10 streaming services. Get a $6 coffee every morning in your new ev, throw away all your perfectly good hd tv’s and buy bigger 8k tv’s… that’s really what these companies are banking on

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  7. Welcome minor updates, but very iterate and if you didn’t buy into flip phones with the Flip3, this is not going to change your mind. The gap, the crease, the cameras (for £1000), the small basic front display, the feminine design (like an Active version) as well as the ridiculous price (up £50 from Flip3) make this an easy pass.

    Samsung has no reason to give us something better so they didn’t. Hopefully in Europe we will see Chinese foldable’s released as nearly all of them are better than what Samsung are churning out, apart from the software, though that is not vital for me. The OPPO Find N would be my choice if it came to the UK.

  8. Welp, time to wait until next year for the Galaxy S23 and Z Fold 5.

    I don't care if they still wont re-release 3.5mm jack, just don't fucking gimp the devices by removing microSDXC support and combining that with low internal storage options. And don't fucking randomly require installing TikTok to setup your stupid phones. Also, alter the form factor for your fold so that the outer display has a more normal aspect ratio. I'm not apart of the legions of sycophants who will willingly fork over the huge amount they're askin for these devices just so that I can beta-test it.

  9. For those of you who are currently/have used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, do you feel an increase in your productivity with a wide screen on the smartphone?

  10. If only Nokia haven't step out.
    They already built futuristic phone design way back . Imagine what design they'll make today if only they're still on the game. 😔

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