Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Why I NEARLY Switched.

First Impressions Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, including Camera, battery, price and more! Check out dbrand here:

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  1. So they just taking the same phone and make slight improvements year to year. U call that lazy I agree but what other company has basically doing ever since it existence? Apple iPhone. Samsung is just more and more becoming apple that's the takeaway.

  2. This isn't vaguely the point, but you don't seem particularly vain. So why are the thumbnails, and particularly your skin and eyes, so insanely heavily edited? I mean, I no you add some touches for effect, but it looks like a clay sculpture, and it's kind of hard to understand why. I mean the font, the image itself isn't the problem at all, it's just that the amount of digital make-up applied just seem… well, weird. Maybe there's some thoughts behind that that you could share?

  3. You just talked about positive sides of the phone but it's battery backup is very poor snapdragon also not good camera is very normal than the price… Many lackings

  4. Thank you for your nice video! I like your simple style but I wish you make a new video vs other similar phones i think they exist! I have Samsung S9+ i am satisfied a lot , my dream is to buy this or similar foldable phone morepractic less space! I agree with you Samsung is using lots of marketing in this phone, how is possible to buy it if my cameras in my phone are 12 megapixels I bought it in 2018 around 800 € new! Can you be more detailed on fhotos videos quality of screens and battery life plus heating of this new foldable phone! Have a nice day I am expecting a special test from you!

  5. Bad battery, bad processor, bad camera module … that's not the best foldable … that's the worst … Apple marketing as to sell "new" products with tiny microscopic improvements … I call that … steal …

  6. I still can't see the point of getting the Z flip. The Z fold, despite being chunky, has the selling point of transforming into a tablet to properly multitask. The Z flip just seems stupid to me. Want to mute distractions? Bedtime/focus/whatever mode. Want to multitask? Split screen. No need for a 1000$ phone with specs of a phone 300$ cheaper plus an annoying crease on the screen. Any phone can become less distracting with proper software. The only advantage is the selfie with the rear cameras. But I'm not gonna pay 1K for it.

  7. Mrwhosetheboss always needs one excuse to tell his fans that he works out and he's on a health transformation and it always gets me, idk why but i start laughing, love ur content tho :), keep it up

  8. I'm telling you all… This z flip is nothing more than a gimmick. Nobody is gonna get this phone because its small enough to get into a pocket

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