Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4 – Which should you Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Z Fold 4 5G Hands-On First Look & Impressions
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a 6.2” Cover Display, a 7.6-inch Main Foldable Display, 120Hz Refresh Rate, is IPX8 Water Resistant, has Triple Rear Cameras (Same as the S22), Dual Selfie Camera with an Under-Display Camera, 4400mAh Battery, Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 5G with 12GB RAM, 256/512GB/1TB UFS 3.1 Storage, S Pen Support and Price is from £1649/$1799.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G features a 1.9″ Cover Display, a 6.7″ Main 120Hz Foldable Display, is IPX8 Water Resistant, has Dual Rear Cameras, 3700mAh Battery, Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 5G with 8GB RAM, 128/256/512GB UFS 3.1 Storage and Price is from £999/$999.

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  1. Im an armless music producer, this phone would be perfect to cope with my disability….could you putt me in contact with someone on samsung to get me one? i would use it iv everything (vlogs, my special olympics etc)

  2. As i was hoping the update would have given us a much bigger outer display (vivo x fold) bigger battery, faster charging and moet importantly the S22 camera system. Samsung was very lazy here though instead, this is a pathetic update overall. The only really thing which is useful is the 1tb option as I am running out of storage on my 512gb fold 3

  3. thinking of buying the fold 4 and trading in my s22 ultra as samsung giving 720 for it. battery isnt great on my exynos s22 ultra for saying it has 5000mah battery, hopeing the gold 4 with 4500mah and the gen 1+ is better

  4. Saf you might need to change your Thumbnails ( i dont find them interesting) or maybe video style, as your views seems to be decreasing. Earlier i used to get you recommendation in my feed quite often, but now I hardly see your video pop up. Maybe algorithm of YouTube hasn't been kind to you. Stay sharp.

  5. Until Samsung provides the same camera setup on the back as the S22 Ultra and fixes the under-display camera's quality, I cannot justify paying $1800. If I'm going to spend that much money on a phone, everything needs to be flagship level. Also, I'm not quite sure how they'll go about doing this but they need to fix the aspect ratio of the Fold 4 so that there aren't HUGE black bars any time you watch a video. The main things that make the Fold 4 enticing are its larger size and its ability to view content however that is pointless if the aspect ratios do not match up. When you watch videos, it basically ends up being the same size as a normal phone

  6. Saf, I'd love someone make a video explaining the true power of these mobile processor's 📱 comparing them to the current generation gaming consoles we have now…

  7. For now I'll stick with my Z flip 3 but whenever I next upgrade (most likely next year) I'll upgrade to the fold 4 I think, it really doesn't feel like much of an upgrade other than the chip in the new flip 4 so… yeah anyways that's all I wanted to say, besides I'm pretty pleased with my z flip 3 anyway just may need to replace the screen protector at some point.

  8. So many things that are not right with the fold 4 , it's still far to small, it has completely the wrong aspect ratio when open, no built in spen. Still no flagship cameras again, and the price is crazy…… they really need to sracp under display camera's, they are totally crap, nothing more than a total gimmick…

  9. I would rather just have the best phone and the best tablet separate than combo it together and get a crappy version of both, iPad Pro for my tablet and an iPhone 13 pro max for my phone or a Galaxy s22 ultra.

  10. suppose the screen will fall off like the previous models ? and you don't want to be dealing with samsung support, absolute rubbish. waste of money and lots of stress, think do i need this in my life.

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