Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 hands-on & key features

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is here alongside the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23, so we can finally move past the endless leaks and rumors. We’ve spent some quality time with all three devices and would like to share some initial thoughts – how they feel, what’s new, and what isn’t.

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Design and build quality
01:09 – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
01:38 – S23 Ultra Main Cameras
02:45 – S23 Ultra Display (6.8” LTPO2 AMOLED) quality
03:12 – S23 Ultra stylus
03:29 – S23 & S23+ Design
04:29 – Conclusion



  1. Naaah, the S23+ has a ppi of 390….lol. 1080p screen…😣 For a 1000 bucks…

    My LG V40 (5 year old device) has a screen ppi of 537….that's a 2K display at 1440p….unlocked, headphone jack, expandable storage…and quad DAC sound system….I paid $80 bucks for it…😄🤫

    how does that work??🤔

  2. Heh Mr gsm, PLEASE say if reveiwed fones have a PERMENANT missed message alert. My last 3 fones havent got this (like the old blinking led). As I leave my fone on a table and glance at it as I walk past I miss loads of messsages . I wontbuy another fone unless ithas Permenant missed message alert. .. Can you do a vid on which fones have this …. Miss message alert, / sd card storage / 3.5 headfone jack is what I look for !! ..Love your vids, clear,well spoken, presentable, and no intrusive background music..

  3. Why gsmarena has not given review of Redmi Note 12 pro? It should have been with detailed review such as build quality, display test, audio speakers quality, battery endurance rating (3G talktime, video playback, web browsing, composite endurance hours), ANTUTU Benchmark score, alternative phones, pros and cons etc. Not everyone is willing / can afford S23 Ultra

  4. What an Irony it is that now everyone refrains from calling it an "unboxing"
    But a First hand /hands on or First look on the device
    Bec there is literally nothing to "unbox" in modern day flagships

  5. Samsung keeps using the same body of their phones since long time aluminum frame they should by now had stainless steel frame on there phone it would have been big change enough, from S22 onwards they should have had stainless steel frame on there phones..

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