Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Problems Solved!

Galaxy S21 Ultra: All the right tweaks in all the right places.

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  1. Been with samsung for yearsss now. The one I currently have is the last Note9 and looking to upgrade soon. Unfortunately probably my last samsung phone, both my old phones and the one I have now caused me to upgrade due to the same reason: Screen burn.

    it's annoying for a high end phone, not sure if I am the only one to have this problems to all my samsungs I had. Any ideas about this situation? Hope you can give some insights.

  2. July 2021… watching on my Note 9 that I will be paying off next billing cycle…… damn now I gotta start over again….. 🤬

  3. The feels of it just edging flagship iPhone 12 Pros.

    I don't wanna compare bec. they are both great but the feels of iPhone 12 Pro feels …

    Stiff that … misses the feel of the previous models !!!

    Just Kudos …

    To Samsung for fantastic aesthetics for S21 Ultra !!!

    Specs wise its all great (though … missin' out the expandable storage !!!)

  4. Thanks for the great review, Marques! No music, straight to the improvements with great real-world examples. Was eyeing this or the OP9 Pro and while I know regular Samsung OS isn't Oxygen, handling one of these in the store felt nearly as responsive and fast. As long as I could improve the brightness and font size for my terrible eyesight, it's a win for me, and nearly any modern phone can do that. Really making me lean towards the S21 Ultra now. Thanks!

  5. I wouldn't do much care at all if they'd make the phone thiccer^^ with a bigger battery and therefore get rid of that bad habit having a camera bump

  6. Have antenna's improved at all in Samsung Phones, when I last tried the older Galaxy devices in this lineup I would have poor reception. The iPhone in my area would always have a stronger signal and drop my calls less. this was a huge deal for me and required for this on AT&T since I am on call. I often want to move back but fear this factor and not sure the best way to re-evaluate the smart phones.

  7. Na,I keep my note 10plus 5G, I think the race for smart phones is over until they come up with a unique design (not 2 phones attached together with a cheap plastic as a screen) 😒

  8. bought this phone a while ago prob best decision I've made I went frm apple to android and Apple phones are def way behind

  9. I have the iPhone 12 but I want to try an android phone without going through withdrawal symptoms. I like my iPhone 12 but Apple has not brought anything exciting to the table. Apple upgrades their chips every time a new phone is introduced but with the price of an Apple phone, I want more than that. I have had Apple phones for years and they haven’t changed the ringtones.

  10. I feel like The Samsung galaxy is for more tech savvy people and the iPhone is for more casual or not as tech savvy people , what do y’all think ?

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