Samsung Galaxy M52 5G hands-on & key features

The Galaxy M52 5G elevates the M series to upper midrange level. Not only does it provide longer battery life then the A series but it now matches them on processinng power as well. This video will show you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Galaxy M52 5G’s top features at a glance!

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00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Design and build
00:43 – Screen specs
00:57 – Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset
01:08 – Camera specs
01:18 – Android and UI
01:28 – What’s different from the Galaxy A52s
01:42 – Conclusion



  1. Please make atleast 1 dedicated smartphone comparison every 2 months for us to get a better idea on how a perticular phone stacks up against it's competition.
    Just telling the specs isn't that useful.

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  3. I had the A52s5G for like a couple of months…it's a great phone …really if I wasn't such a tech nerd who must have a flagship it's the best you can get. For practically the same price you get stereo speakers and that IP68 rating and by now there should be a few deals around.

  4. The M52 5G has some good high mid ranger specs, but the issue is that it has a 5000 mah battery instead of the 7000 mah in the M51. And the M62, the phone that gets the 7000 mah battery, isn't available in a lot of countries and most just get the M52 5G.

    And without that battery, picking a more feature packed A series phone like the A52S 5G (which has some semi flagship features) starts to become a good alternative.

  5. Hope you can test call /video call quality too. Some mid and lower end samsung phones have microphone issue. Microphone unable to capture voice within/from 2meter distance when using zoom or messenger.

  6. I have bought it in introductory offer. But now it's of no value. A52s is available at the same price. You can get OIS, Stereo Speaker, IP rating, one extra major OS upgrade & in-display fingerprint sensor more in A52s than the M52

  7. Now this is a classic case of a Catch 22 situation. Pick up A52s 5G with stereo speakers and 3.5 mm jack ? Or go with M52 5G with a bigger screen and battery , you'll have to be limited to OneUI Core stuff though. Would you choose nicer OPTIONS with the A52s 5G or stick to the FUNDAMENTALS with M52 5G ?

  8. The best thing about the M51 is the battery. When most phones at at 20% charge mine is still 50%. I'd like a 5G version with a huge battery, Quick Wifi charging and good cameras and ideally a FLIR camera.

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