Samsung Galaxy A13 review

The phone’s price tag is fitting some pretty tight budgets, but it seems to struggle in a few key areas that make recommend it hard.

Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy A13’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.
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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Design and build
00:53 – Screen specs
01:49 – Exynos 850 performance
02:28 – Android 12 and UI
03:17 – Storage options
03:25 – Battery endurance and charging test
03:49 – Camera specs
03:59 – Daylight photo quality
04:43 – Low-light photo quality
05:06 – Selfies
05:13 – Video quality
05:39 – Conclusion



  1. I've always liked Samsung as a company
    But removing chargers in the box including budget devices? This type of companies specially Apple shouldn't be supported. It's because people support these type of companies that's why they do such things and push their luck and profits

  2. The Canadian A13 5G comes with android 11 and one ui core 3.1 (even though samsungs website says one ui core 4) 720p with a dimensity 700 is alot better then the exynos 850 w/1080p. I'm not sure when the A13 5G is going to get one ui core 4.1 as samsung is being silent on the upgrade path.

  3. what a shity product from samsung ! seriously they should stop making those budget phones, and drop the exynos crap , if you don't get a s series with SD just don't even think of owning a samsung unless you are a fanboy

  4. I'll be switching to xiaomi soon this Samsung phones just never fail to disappoint, I'm always getting aggravated at my phone at least 4 times a week where I have to stop myself from throwing It and I'm using a A32 4G model it isn't worth the money.

  5. Hugely disappointing, considering that couple of years ago M21 was just 170 Euros and offered gorgeous AMOLED screen, 4K/30 video recording, long-lasting 6000mAh battery and very responsive experience. M21 and M31 were the best budget phones by "Samsung" and sadly their new offerings in the class are nowhere near their predecessors. Still using my M21, along with S10e and A52s.

  6. sams*it is being rud* and stup*d , at least offer a compact device ffs !! impossible now to find a compact good device from samsung what is that big phones shi*ty trend !!?

  7. The only good feature I see from the A13 is the design… not the screen, not the camera performance, not even OneUI CORE, just the back design.

  8. These days I feel Samsung are not worthy enough to invest our hard earned money. Xiaomi in the same budget are performing far better. Though it's just a budget phone segment to these brands, it's our hard earned money and for many it's a dream to buy a mobile itself.

  9. The people I know who have similar phones can't or won't get a better phone. Not everyone can buy a flagship or has the means to do so…if you can make calls and send texts it's fine for some people. There are better phones but then there's the Samsung brand which goes a long way. Still this does not detract from your honest review….thanks

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