Red Magic 8 Pro review

Nubia’s Red Magic 8 Pro is coming out just five or so months after the Red Magic 7S Pro but it brings some substantial upgrades. The Red Magic 8 Pro has a new design, and improvements in the display, battery capacity, charging speed and camera. Not to mention you get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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Camera Islands Tee (On Light)

nubia Red Magic 8 Pro review

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Design and build
01:17 – Red Magic 8 Pro Plus look
01:29 – Built in cooling fan
01:59 – Light strips settings and look
02:09 – Capacitive Shoulder triggers
02:38 – Screen specs
03:39 – High framerate gaming test
04:13 – Stereo speakers, headphone jack
04:49 – Haptic feedback and fingerprint reader
05:10 – Android 13, Redmagic OS 6
05:36 – Nubia game space
06:51 – HDMI connectivity and screencast
07:19 – Storage
07:34 – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
08:07 – Benchmarks and thermal throttling charts
08:52 – Battery life and charging speed test
09:21 – Camera specs
09:29 – Daylight image quality, rear cameras
10:04 – Low-light image quality, rear cameras
10:40 – Selfie camera image quality
11:01 – Video quality, rear cameras
11:38 – Conclusion
12:06 – Selfie video quality, front camera



  1. I love the design of this smartphone, the matte black version, and especially the full screen aspect 🤩.

    On the other hand, unless I haven't seen it (and yet I watched the video twice for that) there is no mention of the price and the number of updates planned by the manufacturer.

    And also, why compare it to the iQoo 11, when all the tests and even yours have proven that currently the best 8 Gen 2 is the Vivo X90 Pro+ 🤔

    Ps: even at $800, this smartphone has no interest compared to a Vivo X90 Pro+ at $900 – $1000, this smartphone could have some interest only if it is sold around $650 internationally for the 256G version .

  2. i wish the big brands would stop making every flagship the same old boring curved screen glossy phone and follow designs like this. i would kill to have a phone that looks like this but with samsung/pixel software/features. I thought the new iphone would spark a wave of flat edges/screen, but it looks like the s23 ultra is gonna look exactly the same as last year, and the pixel 7 pro barely looks different. the western phone market is such a bore right now.

  3. If this arrives to our shores for around $700… i'd take the plunge. Been looking for an android phone for months now that's worth upgrading to that significantly costs less as well.. looks like this is it

  4. There's one important question not covered here: How many years of update for this model?
    That's a question which should come first before buying any device these days.

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