Realme GT 2 Pro – The Record-Breaking 2022 Flagship⚡️

Unboxing and Review of the 2022 Realme GT 2 Pro – Realme’s first ever Flagship Smartphone – The first 1000 people to click the link will get a one month trial of Skillshare:

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  1. Realme phones are garbage. My friend had one and within a year it got display issues. Then my colleague at work had boot issues after 1.5 years. Realme told him they can’t do anything because of hardware issue.Their phones are certainly not meant to last

  2. I own the realme gt neo which i bought after losing my s9+, and all I can say is that one plus is dead, realme has the best budget experience, even better than Xiaomi. The phones are durable and well built and the software is clean, same as one plus

  3. No love for its predecessor, Realme GT 5G? Runs on Snapdragon 888, 12 gb RAM, 256 gb storage, and 64 mp camera for half the price of other flagships? Even I originally thought that was their first flagship. A damn shame I didn't wait longer for this model though.

  4. I've been using Realme X for more then 2 years and the pop up camera is still smooth as butter and the performance drop is negligible. Realme are making tanks in low-mid budgets

  5. I've got a realme x2 pro, I got it with android 9, and now with android 11, it's really smooth, I've been playing Genshin impact since lol, i still have good battery life on this one even though I always use the 55w stock charger, less 30mins 30% to 90%, but yeah I don't fully charge my battery and I'll not goona let my battery down under 20%

  6. Honestly, I would’ve bought the phone immediately if it weren’t for the ads. I’m just never going to pay for something to get advertised to unless it’s done really well like with the Amazon kindle.

  7. I don't see it as record breaking except that AnTuTu.
    That bloatware in Chinese is a No but to others is okay.
    Still love my Pixel 4 though with very clean software and camera.
    That's just my opinion still a good device from Realme, BTW.

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