POCO X4 Pro Review – $250 iPhone Destroyer?

Unboxing and Review of the POCO X4 Pro, the best budget phone in 2022, including Camera test, battery life, and price, but then also the sneaky ways that POCO manages to make their phones so cheap! Subscribe so we can hit 10 million! 🥳

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  1. You guys asked for budget phone reviews – here's quite possibly the best budget phone I've EVER seen…but….there are some hidden caveats 🤔
    We're SO CLOSE to 10 million – if you do like my videos then please consider subscribing so we can smash through that number – I've got a special video planned that I can't wait to drop! 🥳

  2. Hi i am watching your videos from long time. even bought shark VPN 😉 for this video i want to share that i own POCO x2 and they sent 1 wrong update and we all have dead camera and non working touch. and poco providing vague resolution that we surender our mobiel and we get F1 but to pay 9k INR extra some are getting repaired but only few cases. Please help our poco community. please reply to comment if wish to get connected.

  3. Ive been using my poco x3 for a year now and it got everything i need. Especially the 5kmah battery capacity lets go baby. Camera quality is god too.

  4. Hey Arun , I just don't know how to tell you this , the videos that you have been uploading lately , it doesn't have a " life " to it . The video about the flagship killer realme GT the you have uploaded in the starting of the year was fantastic and it had mrwhsetheboss written all over it . But the video that you for uploading recently like the video about NFT was really really boring and I accepted out of the video in the it doesn't have that thing when I watch a Mrwhsetheboss video . I have been watching your videos from 2019 and I have been a regular viewer ever since . But it is disappointing to see your videos getting bad

  5. Glad that Xiaomi starts to follow Samsung designs rather than apple's more rounded or even circular shape design. Now content on the screen will not get to much cut.

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