Pixel Watch Review: First Gen Fumbles!

The second gen should be much more interesting.
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Smartwatch provided by Google for review




  1. It seems an oversite that it doesn't have qi so I can't use my pixel 7 Pro phone to charge my pixel watch so I can give it a quick top-up. It means I need multiple chargers for my devices too

  2. Ha!🤣
    Check Marquez trying to make excuses for Google. Trying not to get cancelled.
    You should have just said it's trash.
    This watch was supposed to be out years ago.
    And it's not first generation. Fitbit has been in the picture for a while now. The fact that they couldn't come out with a product with beyond basic features is telling.
    Prepare for this to become a stadia.

    Tell me I am wrong. I dare you guys to. 😶‍🌫️

  3. I'm hopeful for the future of the Google/Fitbit integration, but it's just not there yet, and this battery life is a major no-no for me (and this is definitely a Google issue, Fitbit devices have pretty decent battery life). I guess they had to release this watch for schedule and test reasons, but it feels premature. They say sometime next year they're gonna start migrating Fitbit accounts to Google, so it definitely seems they're working on getting things integrated at some point. I'm hopeful that on the next iterations it will be more appealing.

  4. I always appreciate these reviews. The good news here that I can glean is it sounds like a lot of the issues could ber fixed inside the current generation through software enhancements and updates. Of course things like the magnet charger and connection issues are outside that realm (connection maybe not idk) but Google has shown me over the years that they do listen to feedback and will make changes based on reasonable feedback if they're getting a lot of it. I'm more and more dissapointed in what Google ships now-a-days frankly so hopefully they get on the ball with this and don't let it be another flop.

  5. This is every bit (no pun intended) the disjointed, uncoordinated & mediocre crapfest i expected(but half hoping i was wrong) it to be… Would have been easier to swallow at 200 but 350?!? GTFO….

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