Pixel 6/6 Pro Unboxing & First Look!

Pixel 6 is $599. Pixel 6 Pro is $899. This is a hands-on and first look in the boxes!

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Phones provided by Google for review.



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  1. Honestly, they have some very odd designs. I've never owned a Pixel phone, but I feel the only reason they're a contender is because of the whole Note 7 debacle. Not everyone is a Samsung or an iPhone fan but that's why they're even in the conversation.

  2. Ngl I was a fan of Google phone design,so clean so aesthetic…this design isn't pleasing at all…but ig for the cameras to be better they maybe had no other option..anyways designs a deal breaker for me so not goin with the pixel

  3. Pixel 6 looks better than the pro version, and yeah, I wouldn't even consider looking for this phone if I buy a phone in the same price range, only if the tensor chip outperform or comes close to 888 or the 888+, I would consider looking for it but still won't buy it cuz I just game a lot, the camera bump would be annoying when playing, I can get a sd 870 phone within like $400 or a d1200 within $350 and it would do what I want.
    In short this phone is for google fans or people who can afford a phone each year and just wanna try, google would have came with a better design.

  4. For your full review, get down a dirty with a bit of comparisons please. Flagship for flagship. iPhone 13/13Pro vs The Pixel Family? Display, Camera Quality and Speed. Maybe give us a review around wireless charging and talk about what your everyday carry will be and why.

  5. Brother I am using pixel 2xl .. It's totally broken but display is not available in the market. I am desperately fan of pixel … But I have lost my job and I don't have Money… Please gift me this pixel phone… Please help me…
    God will give you a lot… Uncountable…
    Thank you brother

  6. Could you go over how well Assistant works on them? I've noticed since the initial launch of Assistant compared to today, it has become less functional with time.

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