Oppo Find N Unboxing – This Might Be The One…

The Oppo Find N is the latest folding smartphone option. Oppo Find N or Samsung Z Fold 3?
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  1. As someone who's waiting until the end of month for his z3 fold, I'm excited but truly gutted this isn't in the uk, and someone who works on construction sites, my pockets fill with dust and I'm worried about the first screen, and I'm worried about the size of it, last thing I want is for it fall out of my pocket, its perfect for invoices etc thou, is this a China only?

  2. I've been watching videos on the oppo find n phone. It looks to be a much better folding phone then the Samsung flip 5g. I went through 5 of the Samsung flip 5g phones before giving up on the for customer service through tmobile and Samsung it took me I'd say 3 months of dealing with them there was only one good phone out of them and it came directly from Samsung. It was a horrible experience. I have no social media pages so guess there will be no chance of winning the phone. Thank you for the great videos always see what you have to say about things.

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