OnePlus Sent a Mysterious Package…

Well this was something we’ve never seen before…

Thanks to OnePlus for a very memorable unboxing experience. We hope you enjoy the video, for more information on the OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlusBuds Pro 2 see the links below.

OnePlus 11 5G:
OnePlus Buds Pro 2:

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  1. 16mp selfie* camera, not 32.

    Otherwise great phone but im sad about few things, no wireless charging, selfie camera is basically a downgrade, and the rear cameras zoom is downgrade too. Otherwise better than 10t and 10 pro

  2. Once again we getting ripped off in UK where we need to pay £799 or £729 depending which one you get. So more as numbers once and twice, more just because we pay in ££££

  3. I think this box is fake tbh. Id love to believe companies are making Lew these exclusive boxes to open but this specific one doesn't even make sense. Why is the phone in the puzzle and the actual box packaging in separate locations? I think this is just something fun Lew is tryna do since there's been rumors that the channel is going downhill. Respect to him for restrategizing but making content that may be fake doesn't seem to be the best strategy imo.

  4. I use Oneplus since the 7Pro. At the Moment is use the 9 Pro and i still love it. The 11 looks great BUT there is one Point that makes me a little bit sad. The Fact that´s no WC on Board in a "Flagship". Great Video like always. Greets from Vienna Austria

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