OnePlus Nord Reveal! How Much Do Smartphones Actually Cost?


Exclusive reveal of the OnePlus Nord design, and a chat on how much smartphone parts cost!

WVFRM Podcast episode:

The Budget Smartphone Blueprint:

0:00 Intro
1:35 What is Nord?
4:03 NFC Cost
5:23 IP Rating Cost
9:32 Battery Cost
10:24 Display Cost
11:52 Headphone Jack
13:29 OnePlus Nord Design
17:44 Outro


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  1. I like how OEM cite the consumer data they have saying that we like slim phones but we know, at least the enthusiasts, that we want thicker phones for better battery life. And don't forget, us the enthusiasts drive the future trends:
    -we wanted 90/120hz displays
    -we wanted higher performance
    -we wanted better and brighter displays
    not the average consumers, but us the enthusiasts will drive the next trends too, like:
    -better battery life
    -less cumbersome software
    -flat displays again
    -no notches

  2. I get what he wants to say but saying that the midrange is more like an „afterthought“ in today’s market, is just wrong. Also that are brave words to say after releasing the Pro One Plus

  3. U won't believe I reclicked on this video 7 times and out of 7, 6 times I had ad of Samsung F62 , can't believe how much he is being paid for ads by samsung that we have to see his unskippable ads.

  4. 🚩One plus should be careful with the models names not to confuse people like Samsung did too many model's and numbers you just can't keep track of them no good 🚩

  5. I almost didn't click because I didn't think you wouldn't put 'CONVERSATION WITH CARL PEI' in the title, so I figured it's probably another video.

    Man!! 😀😀

  6. I disagree with him on the headphone jack as the sound quality is never as Good on a Bluetooth headphone compared with a wired headphone plugged into a headphone jack. It also becomes a big deal when you're doing camera work. Because you need that sound connection for your microphone

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