Nothing Ear(1) Review: See Through the Hype!


Behind the hype these $99 earbuds are actually a pretty great pickup.

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Earbuds provided by Nothing for review.




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  1. Lost me where he said on one of them worked and never clarified if he got both working at any point. I had knockoffs before and only 1 of the worked, so this is a horrible sign for me. I’ll stay away until I get more reviews on it.

  2. Isn’t there a patent in place for all these companies to copy Apple? Seriously, come up with something original and new instead of copying someone else’s homework. These Chinese fake products are a joke!

  3. There are two sizes to wireless buds – "small enough to never be a bother in a jeans pocket" and "not small enough to never be a bother in a jeans pocket".
    This is the latter, the rest of the review is unnecessary since I could use my XM4's at this point, if I need a bag with me anyway then why wouldn't I?

  4. No no no Marques, please don't let companies believe most people think "I'm buying earphones, if they happen to sound good, that's fine" even if they actually think that

    Ugh people 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. As someone who's had this issue, they might not have made the bulb of the earbud transparent because anything that's clear will eventually stain if exposed to a colored material (clear bulbs + yellow ear wax= gross looking plastic after a few months)

    This will make sense to anyone who has put spaghetti in a tupperware container

  6. Fell for the hype so much that I waited for over a month before ordering other buds. After a lot of research, I had made a choice and now I ordered some renewed Samsung Buds Pro for $90 (Still a good idea new for 160). Well, at least we got entertainment and a lot of "nothing" puns.

  7. My favorite earbuds that I use are the AirPods Pro, but my favorites when it comes to the looks are the Galaxy Beans (Mystic Bronzer color) I love how they look so much.

  8. I'm sorry to tell you this Marques, but YOU ARE the one creating the hype, I literally never heard about these until you and the other tech YouTubers suddenly are making videos about them.

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