Nothing ear (1) Launch Event and First Unboxing

Watch Nothing reveal its first product, ear (1), on the channel! Don’t forget to check out the giveaway video – Sponsored by Nothing.

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  1. What just happened? The only Sound Quality I got out of this video was Tom crunching on those bad boy chips! Lol no joke I got hungry after that high pitch sound. I started looking for chips in the pantry! Lmao 馃槈

  2. A earphone that looks different? I still dont know whats special about this one :/.

    AirPods spacial audio is mind blowing good. Thats an example of something new.

    For me it is also about comfort and easy of use. I like fast charging, long battery live, easy connectivity, smart noise cancellation and great sound quality.

    Give me something new or make these features better.

  3. Case is kinda large, battery is pretty much the same as pros, the case isn鈥檛 that protective and if you get a case for the case it will be very chonky, but it looks cool

  4. I think I'm missing something….you show a bunch of Airpod clones……and say you've created something different??? They look like another Airpod clone? Samsung, Sony and Soundcore all look COMPLETELY different…..these do not…wtf

  5. They look like Airpods but see through. I don't see how these are different. 99% you wont find a $99 earphone that sounds as good as a $200 pair. So essentially, these aren't anything special.

  6. I like the comments here, it doesn鈥檛 seem as though all this marketing talk has too much effect on you guys.. 馃憣 also don鈥榯 see the big differences to AirPods etc besides maybe price

  7. So even though they say that earbud designs are all the same, it does look like these fit pretty much the same as AirPod Pros. I do dig the funky design though. My only gripe is that the case looks a little chunky and not overly pocket friendly.

  8. Still going to be trash compared to a blon bl-03 which you can buy for as low as 27 just saying anyone who doesn't mind wires should buy cheap Chinese aduio it smashes the western market

  9. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever seen a tech product I鈥檝e wanted less than the nothing ear. Especially after watching the douchebag eating chips with motorcycles in the background.

  10. Good Idea and Good Price. Some of the expensive earbuds that cost Hundreds of dollars all have one big flaw. The batteries are non replaceable and only last about three or four years. You might as well just be LEASING OR RENTING EARBUDS at those prices. 3 years for $300 amounts to about $ 7 bucks or so a month. Apple where the get a new earbuds every year plan??? Clearly the design can be made to accommodate magsafe replaceable batteries. Mabey buy a extra pair of Magsafe replaceable batteries and double your listening time.

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